Friday, 10 July 2015

Upcoming Release (September 2015) : "a stranger in a strange land" by Judy Croome

#‎Newsflash‬ Aztar Press is proud to announce the upcoming release of 
"a stranger in a strange land" Judy Croome's latest volume of poetry. 
Available from September 2015.

“a stranger in a strange land” 
speaks of loneliness, longing and love;
of broken dreams, deep faith and family ties.

judy croome’s poetry 
— stark and complex, profound and brutal —
explores cats and cancer; race and gender;  
nature, technology and being vegetarian.

this volume of poetry deals with challenging themes,
but also contains an acceptance of life’s ups-and-downs
as well as the promise of a soul-restoring peace.
Cover design by Melissa Williams Design
Cover Image “Ghost Town”©iStock.comtunart